Mitchell T Tracy

for Nevada State Assembly District 5


Bachelor of Science Business Management (BSBM)
Associate of Arts in Psychology
Associate of Arts in Administration of Justice
Won 2 Primary Elections- Was the Republican Nominee for Commissioner
U.S. Military –
1981-1987 Reserves- National Guard
Combat Medic
2003-2006 –Army National Guard
17yrs Auto Claims Insurance
10yrs Jr. High & Highschool Boys Basketball Coach
10yrs. Small Business Owner
6yrs Stealth Fighter Program
The day (Friday October 13,2018) that changed my entire life forever. It was about 9:30am I was still in bed since I was let go after 17 years working for the same company. I was in the middle of starting my own business again so I was taking it easy. I was not feeling good because a few days earlier I had a few taco from a known fast food place. So I debating to either stay in bed and go back to sleep or get up and go to the urgent care. My wife was in the front room about ready to leave to go work out so I had to make up my mind very soon. (I FOUND OUT LATER IF I WOULD HAVE WENT BACK TO SLEEP I WOULD HAVE DIED IN MY SLEEP). – I decided to get up and see how I feel once I get out of bed. I stood up and right away I had a feeling I need to go to urgent care right away. I yelled to my wife in the front room “we need to go to urgent care right away”. My wife drove me down to the urgent care about 5 minutes away from our home. I was very lucky they were not busy and got in to see someone within 10 minutes. – I sat down and the nurse tried my blood pressure 2 times and said he could not find my blood pressure and tried a larger blood pressure cuff, and still no blood pressure, I was quickly told to sit in the wheelchair he wheeled me to another area and told me to get up on the gurney. I got up and laid down on the gurney and they hooked me up to monitor my heart in a minute or so the nurse and doctor that was there told the person at the desk to call 911 for an ambulance to transport to hospital we have a patient in cardiac arrest. My heart rate was over 180 and irregular heartbeat. – The fire department paramedics showed up within 5 to 10 minutes. I was taken to the closest hospital which was only 5 to 10 minutes away with sirens blaring. I arrived at the hospital and rolled as fast as they could into the emergency entrance and into a room where there was a large group of nurses and doctors waiting for me. I was transferred to the hospitals bed and they started medicine in my IV that was already put in and started by the paramedics. A few minutes has passed by, and I heard the doctor talk to my wife asked her if she wanted to stay or leave, she said she would stay. The doctor then walked over to me and stood at the right side of my head and started to explain what is going on and what is going to happen. The doctor said your heart rate is 240 and we are giving you medicine to lower your heart rate and your heart is also out rhythm. If the medicine does not work, we will have to put you asleep and defib you and bring your heart rate down and heart back into rhythm. I turned my head to the doctor and said “When will that” and I was out. – I found out several months later after I received a copy of the records, I was out 75 minutes which I died at one point and they brought me back to life. – All I remember when I was put under was – – complete darkness, so dark and black even a light would not shine through the darkness, and then the darkness starting moving down and at the horizon with it was the beginning for the most bluest blue sky I had ever seen so bright and blue and I felt like I was moving up into the sky and the darkness disappeared completely and all was left the brightest blue sky, and then I woke up. (I do not know how much has passed since I was put under by medicine and it seemed like minutes later to find out it was 75 minutes). – I was awake in the same room and the doctor was next to me. The doctor said he put me under when my heart rate went over 270 and the medicine was not working and my heart continued out of rhythm. The doctor told me he shocked me 4 times and I did not respond and the policy is to shock 4 times only no more and if not responding to call ICU life support unit so they can get it ready for the patient and take up to ICU life support unit to be put on life support either will come out of the condition or coma or die. My wife witnessed the entire episode and does not talk about it. I only asked her about when I was getting shocked if I was bouncing around on the bed like a fish out of water and she said yes. – The doctor then said he hung up the phone and something told him not to give up and then he proceeded to shock me 3 more times in which my heart went back into rhythm and heart rate went back to normal. The defib is a round patch put on your chest. I had a large round circle burned into my chest from the defibbing for 6 months and it hurt in my chest for that long too. – I was moved up to the cardiac floor of the hospital where a heart doctor exam me and set up heart exploration for Monday October 17, 2018. Monday came I went into a surgery room and I was not put asleep I was awake the whole time which I found out later was wrong also the surgeon was very rough and found the issue with my heart and did an ablation on the electrical short on my heart. The surgeon entered both sides of my groin area to check both sides of my heart. The groin area where the surgeon went in was capped off. – When I was removed from the operating table, I could see the pad under me was all bloody I found out later that should have not been that way.  I was visited by several doctors including the heart surgeon and was told I have – WPW Syndrome – Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome an electrical short on the heart that you were born with and just happened to have an episode now. For the next 2 months I was still having issues with my heart, then on December 12 I woke up and my right leg was a big red balloon I went to the emergency room and found out my right leg was one big blood clot. After 2 weeks in the hospital and several treatments and surgery on the vein near the right side of my groin which was damaged by the heart surgeon back in October and now had 2 permanent blood clots in my right leg. I FIRED THAT HEART SURGEON. – Since Dec 2018 I have been in and out of the hospital every month in 2019 except April and August and in 2020 every month except March and April. – I went for another ablation in July 2019 with a new respected heart surgeon, only to find out they could not do it because of the location of the electrical short location on my heart would do far way more damage than good. I also found out that 99.9% of people find out they have WPW before they are 20 years old usually before 5 or 15 years old. I found out way later in life. WPW Syndrome – Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome Overview In Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, an extra electrical pathway between your heart’s upper and lower chambers causes a rapid heartbeat. The condition, which is present at birth, is fairly rare. (mine is even more rarer due to the location of the electrical short on my heart been told I am 1 in 15 Million). – The episodes of fast heartbeats usually aren’t life-threatening, but serious heart problems can occur. Treatment can stop or prevent episodes of fast heartbeats. A catheter-based procedure (ablation) can permanently correct the heart rhythm problems. –
Most people with an extra electrical pathway have no fast heartbeat. This condition, called Wolff-Parkinson-White pattern, is discovered by chance during a heart exam.